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Terms and Conditions

1. Authorization and Responsibility
By using services of, you are authorizing China Visa Canada Service to act as your agent to process your visa application on your behalf. We will automatically act for the best result if there is any change needed and if you cannot be contacted in a timely manner. When we receive your order package, we will send you a confirmation through email. You will also receive an email when we send the packet back to you via secure couriers.  If you have questions, please call us or email us.
2. Timing of Services
China Visa Canada Service will start to process your visa application as soon as we receive your package on any business day. The total processing time includes the time for the Chinese Consulates to process your visa and our return shipping time. The general turnaround times are 7-9 work days for Regular Services, 5-6 work days for Express Services, and 2-3 work days for Rush Services. Processing time excludes weekends and Canadian national holidays and Chinese national holidays.

Please be advised that we cannot guarantee delivery of the visa on all occasions. Factors due to many things beyond our control may happen and delay the visa.  Be assured that we will do all that is possible to obtain your visa in the time quoted, but please understand that your visa may not be available before your requested date and we recommend that you start your processing early.
3. Claims
It is your responsibility to prepare all documents necessary for processing your visa. We may provide information and suggestion based on our best knowledge, but we cannot guarantee the approval of your visa. We use third party couriers to deliver your passports. Under unusual circumstances, your visa approval may be delayed or visa delivery may be delayed even though you choose Express or Rush services. You agree that China Visa Canada Service is not liable for any damage which may result from a delay of visa delivery or loss of documents. We may do our best to assist you in filing claims from third party delivery companies. If it is determined that it is our responsibility for the loss of your passports and other documents, you agree that we are only liable for the recovering costs of applying for new passports, up to but not exceeding $100 per passport.
4. Mailing Process
China Visa Canada Service may not be responsible for delays due to reasons including but not limited to A) Delayed incoming mailings; B) Insufficient or Unacceptable payments; C) Incomplete forms; and D) third party couriers' negligence.
5. Privacy
Protecting customers' privacy is an integral part of our services. China Visa Canada Service may collect personal and sensitive information only for visa processing and delivery purposes. We keep all the information gathered as confidential, and should never release to any third parties for any reason without permission from users.
6. Documents Preparation
China Visa Canada Service can only process with the information you supplied, but have no control in visa approving process, and not able to explain the reasons for rejection either, if it happens. You are strongly encouraged to read all instructions and explanations from official China Embassy's website related to visa type and fee schedule. It is your own responsibility to decide which type of visa to apply, and what supporting documents to prepare if applicable. All information about visa classification in our website is FOR REFERENCE ONLY, NOT LEGAL document.
7. Refund or Cancellation Policy

The total fee you pay to process a visa consists of

    A) Visa Application fee (paid to China Embassy or Consulates);
    B) Service fee (paid to Access China Tours);
    C) Shipping and handling fee (paid to third party couriers)

In the event that you applied and paid for a longer term/higher grade visa but granted a shorter term/lower grade visa, we will only refund the difference of the fees the Consulates may have charged for those two categories. In the event that you need to cancel the application after submission, it is possible only before the application has been sent to the Chinese Embassy or Chinese Consulate's Visa Office; in this case, we will refund the fee for visa application, not the fee for service, nor for shipping fees.

I acknowledge that I have fully read the above terms and agree with China Visa Canada Service (Access China Tours).

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