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China Cell Phone Rental
Why Rent a China Cell Phone?
  Your North American cell phone either does not work in China or has extremely high roaming charges
Guaranteed lowest airtime rates
Know your phone number before departure
Keep in touch with family and business 24/7
Easy pick-up and drop-off at any location in China
Last minute order not a problem
Rental Procedure
1, Choose delivery option:
  Receive phone before departure for China
Pick up phone upon arrival at any location in China (not available in Hong Kong)
2. Choose return option:
  Drop off phone at any location in China (not available in Hong Kong)
Mail phone to Pandaphone's US address upon return
3, Place Your Order:
  Fill out the Order Form online and fax it to 1-732-412-4040 or call 866-574-2050
4, Stay connected throughout trip
Rental Fees
First week rental: $10 USD; ($1 each additional day)
Round-trip Shipping: $20 within Mainland China. Pay an additional $10 to have your phone delivered to your US or Canada address before you leave for China.
Airtime rates:
  $0.29 per minute on domestic and incoming calls
$0.59 per minute on calls to Canada
$20 Hong Kong Usage activation fee
$5 Voice Mail Service activation
Terms and Conditions:

Rental phone service is provided by Pandaphone China Cell Phone Rental company. China Visa Canada Service (CVCS) promotes this service for the convenience of its clients and is not involved in any other aspect of the service. The rental phone service agreement is strictly between client and Pandaphone, as are any disputes arising from the service. CVCS's liability is strictly limited to providing information regarding the service. All phone and related equipment including phone, batteries, SIM card, adapters, bag and other equipment is the property of Pandaphone. Client accepts responsibility for the safe return of the phone and other equipment in essentially same condition as received. Pandaphone will provide Client with detailed billing for all charges. Upon return of the Phone, Pandaphone will calculate a final rental charge. Client understands that any airtime rates quoted are current rates at the time of printing and are to be used as a guide only.


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