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Special requirements for applicants with Chinese background & Non-Canadian citizens

  1. If you were born in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macau, you must fill in your Chinese name, in Chinese characters, on the Visa Application Form.

  2. First time applicants who were born in China must submit original Chinese passport. Applicants who hold a renewed Canadian passport should also provide the copy of previous Canadian passport and Chinese visa history if applicable.

  3. Canadian born children of Chinese descent under the age of 12 must provide copy of birth certificate and copy of parents' passports and P. R. Cards.

  4. Applicants with Chinese background can apply for 12-month multi-entry tourist visa.

  5. Non-Canadian passport holders must have valid long term Canadian visa (such as Work / Study permit, Tourist visas are not accepted) or Permanent Resident card to apply for a Chinese visa in Canada. You must send the ACTUAL permit or Permanent Resident card when applying.

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