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Application Pre-Check Service

In the past few years, the Chinese visa application policy has been changing on a constant basis. Many applicants have found it confusing and difficult to prepare an application without making mistakes or missing documents, causing delays to securing a visa. To help our clients navigate the increasingly complicated process, China Visa Canada Service is pleased to offer a brand new service, Application Pre-check! With this service, you can rest assured that your visa application checking service is correctly prepared before shipping it to our office. No more delays, no more guess work, no more headaches!



Application Pre-Check Process

 1  Complete your application form and gather all required documents


Click here to find out about the different documents for each Visa, and to fill out a Chinese Visa Application Form.

Download an Application Pre-Check Order Form.


 2  Scan your application and documents and save them to your computer as PDF files.
 3  Email your appllcation and documents to INFO@MYCHINAVISA.CA

Service Fees


For the first application


For each additional application


Fees are exclusive of all other service fees, government fees and shipping fees

Terms of Use


By submitting your documents to China Visa Canada Service for our Chinese visa check, you will be consenting to the following statements in addition to the standard CVCS Terms and Conditions:


If you have any questions, please call CVCS at 1-800-788-1399.

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